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SWIFT Through Wall Camera - TWC


The Tactical Electronics SWIFT Through Wall Camera is a precision surveillance camera that allows operators to gain covert visual access through drywall or any small opening, revolutionizing covert video surveillance.  The TWC ultra-miniature camera is housed in a 2mm stainless steel probe.  Using the Wall Punch and Clearing Drill allows for quick and discreet video access to adjacent rooms through two layers of drywall.  Simply embed the Wall Punch into the drywall, bore a 2mm hole with the Clearing Drill, and then insert the camera through the Wall Punch.

Video from the TWC can be viewed in several ways.  The optional 1" AMOLED eyepiece on the TWC body allows for quick viewing without any additional monitors.  Additionally, video can be streamed over a hardwire connection or over 802.11g to any TE monitor (TE1, TE4, TE5) or on an Android device with the TE app.

All TWC kits include the TWC Camera, TWC Body, Clearing Drill, Wall Punch, 6ft ODU to ODU Cable, and hard case.  The Eyepiece and Monitor are optional.