• Combined Systems, Inc. (CSi) is focused on developing and manufacturing less-lethal force options that give end-users the right tools for their mission. CSi is a U.S. based manufacturer often marketed under the brand name Combined Tactical Systems Inc. (CTS), offering a wide comprehensive line of less-lethal products to our military and law enforcement, including:

    CTS Aerosols – primarily used as first options in spontaneous confrontations

    CTS Irritant & Smoke Munitions – 12GA, 37MM, 40MM projectile options for displacing barricaded subjects, maintaining order in public or correctional environments

    CTS Flash-Bangs & Sting-Ball Grenades – flash-bangs can be deployed by hand or launched to extended range; Sting-Ball grenades come in a variety of configurations for use indoors and outdoors

    CTS Impact Rounds – 12GA, 37MM, 40MM single and multiple projectile munitions

    CTS Breaching Munitions – 12GA rounds

    PENN ARMS Launchers –small, lightweight, and available in 37MM and 40MM configurations