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K9 Monitor


The K9-XR Monitor displays real-time color and thermal video directly from the K9-XR Camera. Utilizing a high-powered extended range radio, the K9-XR Monitor is capable of receiving audio and video up to 450 meters away from the canine. The K9-XR Monitor also provides long distance remote control of the K9-XR Camera’s LEDs and video feed. The push of a button allows the operator to remotely toggle between the color and thermal cameras. An LED dial wheel remotely adjusts the K9-XR Camera’s LED intensity (0-100%). The system’s two-way audio incorporates a “Push-to-Talk” feature, allowing handlers to directly communicate and listen to a canine and/or suspect. The K9-XR Monitor features both backlit push buttons for critical, real-time controls, and a capacitive touch screen for customizing system preferences.