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Immediate Action Pouch - IAP


The Immediate Action Pouch provides EOD Operators and Bomb Technicians with a capability to take immediate action from a small, lightweight, highly accessible platform. The IAP may be attached to the user’s body armor or other tactical equipment via MOLLE for increased accessibility. The Immediate Action Pouch is included with the 1st Line Kit, or it may also be purchased separately.

The IAP includes:

  • IAP Customized Nylon Pouch (1)
  • Ceramic Box Knife (1)
  • Small EMT Shears (1)
  • Miltex Forceps - Insulated (1)
  • Gerber Multi-plier 600 DET Black (1)
  • 30ft. Roll Back Gorilla Tape (1)
  • Tactical Flashlight (1)
  • Large Black Safety Pins (5)
  • Ceramic Box Knife Replacement Blades (5)