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SWIFT Flex Camera


The SWIFT Flex Camera is a handheld inspection tool that features a flex-and-stay neck. Choose from three different camera head options to best suit your mission. The Visible SWIFT Flex Camera is 12mm in diameter, features a color CMOS sensor, excellent low-light sensitivity and integrated LED illumination. The Thermal SWIFT Flex Camera is 17mm in diameter and features a Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) FLIR thermal imager. The Dual SWIFT Flex Camera is 25mm in diameter and features both a color CMOS sensor and a FLIR thermal imager. Video captured by any of the SWIFT Flex Cameras can be viewed with the integrated 1in eyepiece. Additionally, video can be streamed wirelessly through the internal WiFi radio or by hardwired connection through the Tactical Accessory Port (TAP). Video is streamed to any TE Monitor or Android device utilizing the TE View App or ATAK. The SWIFT Flex Camera features a rugged, locking Tactical Accessory Port (TAP) that provides USB 2.0, 100Mbps Ethernet, and 12VDC power in. All SWIFT products offer Stand By mode to help preserve battery life and provide a quick return to video within 10 seconds.

Available with camera only, or in kit configurations which include: Camera of choice, ATAK ODU to USBC Cable, 32GB MicroSD Card, and Small Hard Case.