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The CORE EOD Kit includes the CORE Grip, POLE Grip (17ft extended), CORE Pole Camera Head, CORE Flex (18in), CORE Under Door Camera head, CORE Articulating Scope and two CORE Monitors. All CORE cameras are Wireless and Digitally Encrypted. The CORE EOD Kit is packaged in a durable transport case with custom cut foam for each component. The CORE Pole Camera and Flex camera also features the latest Thermal Fusion Technology. Thermal Fusion technology is made possible by two video sensors: a High-Definition 1280x720p monochrome CMOS sensor with excellent low-light sensitivity, and a Longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal imager. Video from the High-Definition camera is used to produce a blended image of both sensors, delivering physical detail that surpasses what is available from a lone thermal imager. Objects and persons are clearly defined with color and outlines when the thermal fusion technology is used.