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The PROJECT7 BALLISTIC BATTLE BELT (B1X) is designed to be worn with either a P7 Duty Belt or a riggers belt threaded through it, provide additional ballistic protection, padding, and additional MOLLE locations. The B1X features two optional panels on the sides of each hip, allowing the belt to be passed above the MOLLE surface for holster installation or other attachments. It is lined with a nonslip internal surface to help hold it securely around the hips.

Key features for B1X include:

  • Additional 4" of Level IIIA ballistic protection
  • External Webless MOLLE surfaces for additional equipment
  • Sturdy COBRA buckle closure allows for a secure and reliable closure
  • Lined with a non-slip, rubber material to prevent the belt from riding up while sitting, running, or during dynamic movements
  • Available with duty belt or climb rated belt
  • Compatible with dropleg shroud for either leg
  • 6 size options: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • 5 color options: OD, Black, Navy, Multicam, Coyote