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P7 TRV P7 Webless

Configure a complete armor system

The PROJECT7 TACTICAL RESPONSE VEST (TRV) is built specifically for narcotics units, fugitive task forces, K-9 officers, and tactical medics. The TRV is a moderate coverage entry vest with a fixed shoulder design that is scalable by the addition or removal of Structured Upper Arm and Groin protectors. TRV is a “soft armor first” system which utilizes soft ballistic armor as its primary coverage, but allows for the installation of 10”x12” or SAPI sized hard armor rifle plates. TRV is available in 15 platform sizes with the Three-Piece Cummerbund (3PC) available in 8 lengths.

  • Clean, low profile design to provide moderate coverage with enhanced comfort for extended wear
  • Rapid scalability to add upper arm and groin ballistic protection in seconds
  • PROJECT7’s “Structured-Texture” shoulder design provides a soft, natural, and high friction shooting platform unencumbered by buckles, straps, external pads, or overlapping armor
  • Patent pending, Three-Piece Cummerbund (3PC) design for operator specific sizing, ideal weight bearing, with broad adjustability, and rotational flexibility for unrestrained movement
  • Internal radio routing channels to eliminate cables on the surface of the platform
  • Webless MOLLE/PALS load bearing surfaces built from Blue Force Gear Ultracomp for increased strength and decreased weight
  • Bar tacked anchors for the installation of PROJECT7 ILB Packs and 1PS Single Point Slings
  • First-Spear Tubes or one-way hook and loop closure systems
  • User replaceable cummerbund and upper arm elastic