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Load Bearing
Configure a complete armor system

The PROJECT7 SCALABLE PLATE RACK -RETRO (SPR-R) is a moderate coverage platform built for operators who need a compact armor platform yet still want broad coverage with scalability. The SPR-R is designed for special operations personnel who have a broad range of missions including high speed dynamic entries, fast roping, linear assaults, vertical access work, and extended rural operations. Built to be rapidly scaled to individual missions, SPR-R is a “hard armor first” design that utilizes hard armor plates for primary torso protection and incorporates soft armor for side and extremities protection.

  • Streamlined, athletic design to provide full range of motion, allow normal shooting positions, and unprecedented comfort
  • PROJECT7’s “Structured-Texture” shoulder design provides a soft, natural, and high friction shooting platform unencumbered by buckles, straps, external pads, or overlapping armor
  • Patent pending, Three-Piece Cummerbund (3PC) design for operator specific sizing, ideal weight bearing, with broad adjustability, and rotational flexibility for unrestrained movement
  • Internal radio routing channels to eliminate cables on the surface of the platform
  • Traditional MOLLE/PALS load bearing surfaces
  • Bar tacked anchors for the installation of PROJECT7 ILB Packs and 1PS Single Point Slings
  • First-Spear Tubes closure system
  • User replaceable cummerbund and upper arm elastic
  • Available in Medium, Large, and X-Large platform sizes with eight different cummerbund sizes to ensure perfect fit