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4B Turbo

The 4B system combines the power of four MAD-1 planar transducers with a proprietary Turbo Clear-Voice digital signal processing (DSP), four 1,000 watt amplifiers, and a waterproof enclosure for unparalleled clarity and intelligibility in the harshest environmental conditions. The system transmits live and pre-recorded commands making it a perfect choice for long-range mobile voice communications. The powerful amplification allows for long throw distances exceeding 2,000 feet (~600 meters). With dual operating modes, the user can run the system in "Standard" Mode with extended batter life, or trigger the "Turbo" mode for extending distance and Clear-Voice processing. Battery life allows for up to 20 hours in "Standard Mode", 2.5 hours in "Turbo Mode" and can be recharged in 5 hours. Weight is 70 lbs with battery.