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The 7290-9 Flash Bang device provides 9 unique flash bang actions within a single hand safe assembly, and features a non-fragmenting top and bottom, minimal movement aluminum body. The device provides arrhythmic outputs of bright light and thunderous sound approximately 0.5 seconds apart.

The highly reliable multi-bang incorporates CTS Superior fuze components with the patented and US Army adopted Confidence Clip and pin shroud,  The unit is designed to be hand safe and provides a physical feature to locate the top and bottom of the grenade when handling.  Ideal for distracting dangerous suspects during assaults, hostage rescue, room entry or other high risk arrest situations.

The 7290-9 has an anodized aluminum body with 19 blast ports (9 top, 10 bottom).  Sound output ranges from 165-180 decibels. while light output is approximately 1 million candlepower per charge.  Max weight is 550g.  Max dimensions are 5.7" length including fuze and 2.1" diameter.