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The B.E. MEYERS MAWL is a high-power, aiming and illuminating laser which offers both infrared and visible green lasers. Designed for the modern night fighter, the MAWL solves virtually all of the problems with existing aiming and illuminating lasers by incorporating cutting edge VCSEL technology which eliminates inconsistent, granular, speckled illumination. This unparalleled beam quality is leveraged with multiple modes of divergence and power, based on the ideal settings for any operational environment: Close Range, Mid-Range, or Long Range. Laser modes, power output and lighting profiles are automatically adjusted with the flip of a switch, setting optimal illumination, beam size, and clarity at each engagement distance. The MAWL has a tactile sliding switch that allows users to make rapid, effortless setting adjustments in the dark. Its two, dual function buttons activate different beam profiles within each distance mode on either a momentary or constant basis. The MAWL-DA serves individual carbines while the MAWL-X1 serves both individual carbines and crew served weapons with improved ergonomics, interface, and performance.