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Developed for one of Southern California's top teams, the AARDVARK Night Operators Set - Binocular (NOK-B) is simply the best night vision setup available to our operators. This kit is comprised of the best goggles, most versatile illuminator/aiming device, highest-quality mounts, most intuitive counter balance, and most functional IFF beacon system available. The core of the NOK-B is a set of ultralight, very high resolution, white or green phosphor binocular night vision goggles. Built by Night Vision Devices and hand-picked for this purpose, these goggles feature a single gain control, auto-gating power supplies, and come with demist shields and sacrificial lenses to protect the optics from damage. In addition to the goggles, the NOK-B includes a B.E. Meyers MAWL laser illuminator/aiming device which features both visible and IR lasers, as well as an adjustable IR illumination system, and a truly ambidextrous design. The NOK-B also includes an Ops-Core helmet counter balance, Wilcox NVG mount, and a Phoenix Jr. IFF beacon, all contained in a case with custom foam for optimal protection.