• Full coverage combined with full mobility make the SEV the perfect choice for teams looking for a high level of ballistic protection without compromising wearability.

    The SEV is uniquely designed to scale from a full coverage entry vest for high risk operations, to an enhanced plate carrier for rural or linear missions.  SEV is scalable by the addition or removal of its Yoke, Upper Arm Protectors, Throat Protector, and Groin Protectors.  SEV is a “soft armor first” system which utilizes soft ballistic armor as its primary coverage, yet features top loading front and rear rifle pockets for the installation of 10”x12” or SAPI sized rifle plates.  SEV is available in 15 platform sizes as well as 8 cummerbund sizes, providing 120 possible combinations for an ideal fit.


    • Maximum Coverage
    • High Mobility
    • Scalable
    • Comfortable
    • Configurable


Common P7 Tactical Armor Features: