• PROJECT7 believes that an armor platform is one of the most important purchases a team makes. Armor not only has a direct effect on operator safety, but also on mobility, comfort, fatigue, and effectiveness.

    P7’s mission is to provide industry changing quality and service throughout the life of the armor system, with configuration support, testing, customization, individual sizing, system assembly, and personal delivery to ensure everything works as expected.

    Configuration – P7 platforms are available in seven different platform designs and on a case by case basis, platforms can be configured with webless and traditional MOLLE, FirstSpear Tubes or One-Way VELCRO, various color combinations, and armor packages. This provides each team with the ability to tailor their armor platform to their specific mission, threats, and budgetary needs.

    no guess sizing – PROJECT7 developed a unique sizing system that separates hard armor, soft armor, platform, and cummerbund into separately sized options; providing a wide range of possible sizes with the ability to properly fit each armor system to its operator regardless of body shape and size.