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Sky-Hero's LOKI Mk2 sUAS, SIGYN Mk1 UGV, and NARFI pole camera are ONLY AVAILABLE TO US Dept of Defense and US Federal Government

The Typhon Noise Flash Diversionary Device [NFDD] is a versatile and reliable tool designed to distract and disorient a suspect in a wide range of situations, giving you valuable time to claim the tactical advantage.  The NFDD easily and quickly attaches to your robotic device via a payload attachment system.  Each NFDD comes with 5 shots that can be triggered as a single event or 5 rounds salvo.  Sky-Hero has developed a dual option activation system allowing operators to activate this device directly from the Ground Control Station [GCS] or Trigger Remote system, providing maximum operational flexibility. 

The system itself is lightweight and durable, made from aviation grade aluminum.  It delivers a powerful output of 5X 165dB+(A), measured at 1 meter, making it a highly effective distraction device.