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Built in conjunction with the world’s top counterterrorism teams, SIGYN is a 4-wheeled micro robot with the ability to operate almost silently, in complete darkness, and in a GPS, WiFi, and cellular denied environment. Featuring multiple IR LEDs and dual day-night cameras with a 150-degree view, SIGYN provides a clear view in virtually any lighting conditions.

Key Features of SIGYN:

  • Embedded inertial motion sensor allowing smart drive modes and automatic forward facing camera selection
  • Uses market-standard batteries that can be swapped within 30 seconds
  • Analog A/V signal, scrambled via FPGA, prevents lag or screen freezes
  • Highly sensitive microphones to enable high-quality audio capture
  • Dimmable and selectable IR LEDs on front, back, and top provide excellent video clarity
  • Symmetrical design and oversized wheels prevent SIGYN from being knocked over
  • Rapid and interchangeable payload systems
  • Compatible with the Sky-Hero GCS system


  • GCS with Charger
  • Ground Vehicle EU
  • Battery Set
  • Battery Charger
  • P7-ILB-FLEX Back Pack
  • Spare Camera Glass Protection
  • Tire Set