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SIGYN Extension Set


The SIGYN Extension Set is for those who already possess the GCS Controller through purchasing the LOKI Mk2 and would like to add the SIGYN Mk1 to their Sky-Hero Tactical Robotics Suite

Key Features of SIGYN:

  • Embedded inertial motion sensor allowing smart drive modes and automatic forward facing camera selection
  • Uses market-standard batteries that can be swapped within 30 seconds
  • Analog A/V signal, scrambled via FPGA, prevents lag or screen freezes
  • Highly sensitive microphones to enable high-quality audio capture
  • Dimmable and selectable IR LEDs on front, back, and top provide excellent video clarity
  • Symmetrical design and oversized wheels prevent SIGYN from being knocked over
  • Rapid and interchangeable payload systems
  • Compatible with the Sky-Hero GCS system


  • Ground Vehicle EU
  • Battery Set
  • Battery Charger
  • Spare Camera Glass Protection
  • Tire Set
  • P7-UGV-FLEX Pouch