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Loki MK2 EU Single Drone Set: 1 GCS, 1 LOKI MK2 EU, 3 LiPo Batteries, 1 Loki LiPo Charger with Hub

LOKI is the world’s first purpose built tactical sUAS. Designed and built in conjunction with several of the world’s top counter terror units, LOKI Mk2 solves virtually all of the problems associated with the tactical use of commercial UAS systems. LOKI is intended for close quarter, indoor and outdoor tactical scouting missions, and features a highly sensitive Night-Day + IR sensor camera giving it the ability to fly and see in complete darkness.


  • Purpose built flight controller that does not require internet service, GPS, or a phone or tablet for usage, but can control up to four devices simultaneously
  • Integrated flight stability allowing for virtually anyone to fly LOKI with limited training, without relying on GPS, lighting, or other perishable sources to maintain flight control
  • Rapid deployment design allowing for hand thrown deployment in seconds, rather than the minutes associated with commercial systems
  • No forced software or firmware updates which ensures operational readiness at all times
  • Analog video and flight control frequencies which prevent lag or screen freezes that cause loss of control
  • No onboard video or image capture with no uploading of any data, which provides data security in case of loss
  • Scrambled video relay capability providing for secondary viewers and/or streaming options without concerns of signal interception
  • Ruggedized, replaceable cloverleaf design allowing access to very small areas, it simply bounces off of objects rather than crashing
  • Payload hardpoint for attaching optional, additional payloads including a diversionary device, glass breaker, and more
  • Dimmable and selectable IR LEDs on the front and bottom providing flight stability, video clarity, and NVG lighting without the blooming caused by over-lighting
  • Extended battery design providing 16mins of flight or up to 6 hours of video and sound transmission when perched
  • Made in Europe by NATO allies, not in China