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The AVATAR III may be the most versatile tactical robot on the market. Featuring a unique modular design, the robot is multi-mission capable on a single platform. Originally designed and built specifically for SWAT applications by a Silicon Valley robotics team, the AVATAR III is easy to use, scalable, and rugged enough to survive tactical operations. The AVATAR III has a 300m line of sight operating range and runs for 4.5 hours on an easily removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Its slightly off-parallel tracks and brushless motors give it great maneuverability, while articulating front flippers let it effortlessly climb stairs up to a 60? incline and right itself when upside down. The AVATAR III handheld touchscreen controller wirelessly controls the robot and all of its modular accessories, while also transmitting video and providing two-way audio transmission over a secure Wi-Fi connection. The AVATAR III base features a built-in drive camera, IR light, and a high intensity visible light. Perhaps best of all, the AVATAR III's modular design allows it to serve as a tactical scout robot, a tactical robot with an arm, an EOD scouting robot, a HAZMAT detector, and to also emplace and detonate explosive breaching charges, and command initiate distraction devices and chemical agent grenades, all by simply changing accessories. Shown with optional PTZ Camera.