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The PROJECT7 MARITIME PLATE RACK (MPR) was built for one of the top counterterrorism teams in the world. Designed to serve a wide variety of maritime mission sets including rebreather diving, ship recapture, small boat assault, heli-casting, and tactical swimming, the MPR is perfect for any application where there is the potential of ending up in the water. Built from hydrophobic materials to reduce water absorption, the MPR features air and water drain holes for rapid sinking or drainage. The MPR has the ability to carry front and rear rifle plates as well as flotation devices and buoyancy neutralizers. The MPR is also compatible with a wide variety of accessories to allow for the integration of rebreathers, buoyancy compensators, and backpacks.

  • Non-ballistic, low-profile Three-Piece Cummerbund (3PC) with webless MOLLE surfaces on both the outside and inside, allowing attachment of a PECI Detachable Modular Flotation System
  • Integrated air and water venting/drainage system, allowing it to sink quickly for diving applications and fast drainage when exiting the water
  • Dual internal plate pockets for hard armor to be installed in a separate pocket from inflation systems and buoyancy foam where appropriate
  • PROJECT7’s “Structured-Texture” shoulder design provides a soft, natural, and high friction shooting platform unencumbered by buckles, straps, external pads, or overlapping armor
  • Specialty hook and loop, as well as double reinforced closures to ensure a solid connection for operator rescue or climbing applications even when submerged
  • Webless MOLLE on inside of cummerbund for installation of secondary flotation systems like the PECI
  • Adjustable internal Magazine/Radio pockets in the non-ballistic cummerbund
  • Valve stem openings on top of front plate pockets for manual inflation systems (sold separately)
  • Bar tacked anchors for compatibility with PROJECT7 ILB Packs and 1PS Single Point Slings
  • Reinforced drag strap designed to facilitate a quick grip, even with gloves