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Sky-Hero's LOKI Mk2 sUAS, SIGYN Mk1 UGV, and NARFI pole camera are ONLY AVAILABLE TO US Dept of Defense AND US Federal Government

The LED & Laser Diversionary Device (LLDD) is a versatile and powerful tool for unmanned vehicle operators. It features multiple light sources, including a forward-facing solid source of bright white or as a disorienting high-intensity strobe LED, a green laser pointer, and full programmable RGB LEDs, all packed into a small and rugged aviation-grade aluminum shell. The control software for this payload is fully integrated into the Ground Control Station [GCS].

This payload has a wide range of applications from providing light in dark areas, temporarily impairing a suspect’s vision causing confusion, assisting your team with chasing a suspect in total darkness, and save time by helping to collect evidence in difficult-to-see places. The green laser pointer can be used to identify objects or people, and the RGB lights can be used to communicate with your team or a K9 using pre-set patterns.

Mount the LLDD payload directly onto your LOKI Drone and/or SIGYN Ground Robot via the Payload Attachment System to reach remote and risky environments and help your team solve complex missions.