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The Direct Impact® 40mm evolved from the design of the eXact iMpact™, utilizing the same propellant system for consistent velocities, while featuring a crushable foam nose to deliver multiple payload options. Designed as point-of-aim, point-of-impact direct-fire munitions, Direct Impact® rounds are intended for situations where greater kinetic energy and the potential for added payload are desired for the incapacitation of non-compliant subjects. Direct Impact munitions are available in three different range variants: Standard Range (295 fps, 5-120' range), Extended Range (355 fps, 33-230' range) and the new Adjustable Range munition featuring a patented twist system which ports excess gases and allows the round to function as either a standard or extended range munition. Payload options include Inert, Marking, CS, or OC. Payload weight .3g OC, 3.0g for CS, 3.8g for marking round, and 5.0g for Inert.