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The Avon CTCF50 Filter is a low-profile combination filter containing a pleated high-efficiency filter element for removal of aerosols, particulate matter, smoke, fumes and a carbon bed for the removal of vapors that may be released from trapped particles. It is specifically designed for removal of riot control agents and tear gases including CS, CN and OC pepper spray. A unique standard humidity indicator is located on the top of the CTCF50 filter and visually displays performance degradation due to moisture uptake over time. The indicator turns white to blue signaling that the unit pack was compromised and the filter must be discarded. Compatible with Avon Protection C50 and FM54 Air Purifying Respirator only.

NIOSH Certified for use with the Avon C50, FM12, and FM53, the CBRNCF50 filter protects against chemical and biological warfare agents in aerosol, liquid, and vapor form. The filter has a Threaded Converter Piece (TCP) that when removed allows the canister to become a CBRNCF50i. The CBRNCF50i is approved to NIOSH Cap 1 when fitted to Avon masks, providing effective protection against all the gaseous agents specified in the NIOSH CBRN standard, as well as a wider range of both chemical warfare agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs).